Even though I have HS, I’m still me Even though I have HS, I’m still me Even though I have HS, I’m still me

Hear from other people with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

Many people with HS face the same challenges as you. Hear from a few as they share their experiences about living with HS—from getting diagnosed and handling symptoms with the help of a dermatologist, to strengthening relationships with family and friends.

Elizabeth’s HS story

As a registered nurse with HS, Elizabeth is able to both understand and advocate for others with HS. Here, Elizabeth speaks to the power of speaking up—and how it changed her HS story.

Will’s HS story

When it comes to talking about hidradenitis suppurativa, Will finds it’s best to be honest and open. Of course, that isn’t always easy. See how Will breaks through his insecurities to balance work, travel, and life with HS.

PreShus’ HS story

Growing up with hidradenitis suppurativa can be hard—but perspective is a powerful thing. Watch PreShus’ story to see how her journey with HS began, and what she’s learned along the way.

The HS roundtable

What happens when 3 strangers come together to share their experiences with HS? Watch PreShus, Will, and Elizabeth explore the importance of finding answers, raising awareness, and promoting advocacy.*

*The topics discussed in this video are not meant to diagnose HS or take the place of a doctor’s advice. Any HS symptoms or concerns should be discussed with a dermatologist.

Want an inside look?

See the role systemic inflammation plays in HS.

Tara’s HS story

Tara has battled with HS symptoms for years, despite weight loss and lifestyle changes. With the help of a dermatologist and receiving the right diagnosis, Tara realized HS wasn’t her fault. Watch her journey as she talks about overcoming self-blame and embracing life with HS.

Sterling’s HS story

Sterling’s HS symptoms began in his teens. Getting his diagnosis wasn’t easy. But with the support of his partner and his thriving podcast, Sterling is using his story to inspire others with HS to feel less alone. Watch his journey to see how Sterling is pushing forward.

Kerry’s HS story

Kerry’s HS symptoms went misdiagnosed for years. Watch Kerry’s journey as she talks about HS awareness and how HS has affected her role as a mother.

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