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Tips & tricks for hidradenitis suppurativa (HS)

HS symptoms can be painful, unpredictable, messy, and embarrassing. These tips come from others who have HS and could help you relieve discomfort and promote healing. For starters, avoid stress, get plenty of rest, and try to eat healthy. While these tips may help, be sure to talk to your doctor about anything new you're doing to manage your disease.

How can I help manage abscesses?

  • Keep the affected area clean by gently washing with antibacterial soap.
  • Wear loose-fitting and breathable clothing to reduce friction on your skin.
  • Try not to shave where you have breakouts.
  • Some patients don’t shave their underarms. Instead, they use an electric trimmer to closely trim the hair.
  • Other patients make their own deodorant using essential oils like lavender or tea tree.

Tips from others

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Cut a raw onion in half and place over abscess. Usually I tape it on the area overnight, but even a few minutes helps!

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Wear close-fitting, short-like undergarments, made of a breathable material but doesn’t move like biker shorts as underwear. This helps cut down all friction.

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Having a hot bath or placing a warm washcloth on the sore spots can really help with the pain, as well as stimulate draining. DO NOT SQUEEZE YOUR SORES. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRAIN YOUR OWN ABSCESSES! Believe me, I have learned from experience.

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For the ladies with groin spots: if you must wear underwear (it’s better to not wear any sometimes), wear breathable cotton boyshorts! They’re adorable and you won’t have to deal with the fabric cutting into your sore spots anymore.

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Blow dry after showers instead of towel dry.

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Only use soaps and deodorants that are fragrance-free.

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For me, an aluminum-free deodorant wasn't enough. I whipped up a homemade baking soda deodorant. Plenty of recipes on the internet!

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Inserting a feminine hygiene pad between a lesion, with the adhesive side to your clothing. The pad is absorbent, keeps a lesion covered and clean, allows it to breathe, stays in place, and a thin pad is seamless under a t-shirt. Helps your laundry, too.

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I think using a spray that has antiseptic + aloe & pain reliever all in one helps the skin stay soft & supple so it doesn't break down anymore and leaves less scars, too! Tea tree oil is also wonderful stuff!

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